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Kantipurtel Comes with various features to ensure you have a wonderful calling experience to your loved ones. We value our customer's satisfaction and we thrive to provide excellent calling experience.


  • PINs Never Expire.
  • High Quality Sound.
  • Automated Customer Support.
  • Instant Sign Up & Recharge.
  • Transparent Billing.
  • Speed Dialing.
  • PC 2 Phone From World wide.
  • Bonus For Recharge & Referral.

Careers with KantipurTel

Kantipurtel Career Opportunities

Our employees enjoy challenging yet rewarding environment to work with and advancement in their careers. If you have the desire , passion and skills to work for a fast paced startup environment, please contact us! Telecommuting is ok and you can work from anywhere in the world as long as you have good internet connection.

  • Systems Engineer -1

Kantipurtel is looking for energetic and motivated systems engineer with sound knowledge of Redhat Linux, Windows Servers, Apache, MySQL, Shell Scripting and PHP programming skills. If you have at least 2 years of experience working as a Linux Systems Engineer, please contact us.

  • Web Application Engineer - 2

Kantipurtel is looking for experienced web application engineers with sound knowledge of PHP and MySQL based applications development, well known php frameworks, Object Oriented programming and MVC programming model with php.

  • Software Engineer - 1

Kantipurtel is looking for software engineers with strong java background. Knowledge of Android and IOS programming and java based applications is a must.

  • Customer Support Representative - 3

Kantipurtel is looking to enhance it's customer services and thus looking to hire great customer support representatives. Customer support representatives help customers to ensure they have great calling experience through live chat and telephone support.

  • Sales/Marketing Associates - 5

Kantipurtel is looking to hire some sales and marketing associates to further the revenue of kantipurtel. An ideal candidate will have experience in promoting and making an impact in the sales and marketing of the products.

Current Specials!

Please note that we have canceled one of our access numbers, please login for more details!


Kantipurtel with an aim to provide best offers to the customers, we bring you various special offers. Please stay tuned for new offers.


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