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Kantipurtel Comes with various features to ensure you have a wonderful calling experience to your loved ones. We value our customer's satisfaction and we thrive to provide excellent calling experience.


  • PINs Never Expire.
  • High Quality Sound.
  • Automated Customer Support.
  • Instant Sign Up & Recharge.
  • Transparent Billing.
  • Speed Dialing.
  • PC 2 Phone From World wide.
  • Bonus For Recharge & Referral.

KantipurTel Frequently Asked Questions!


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Can I Sign Up and Start Calling Immediately ?

Yes , Our website is fully automated, no need to wait for operators to create your account or update your payment.It's three step, sign up , recharge and happy calling.

Does my pin number expire ?

No, Your pin never expires. You can buy and use your pin whenever you want to call.

Do i get more minute if i finish the card at once ?

No, You will get the same number of minutes however you call , and your card is not charged in case if the call is not connected or IVR announces

Do I need to buy different cards to get different quality of calling ?

No, You don't need to buy different cards or make different accounts to use different calling plan. We have different prefixes, which you can use to adjust your required rate and quality of calling.

Can I make my service pin-less from my members area ?

Yes, Our website is fully automated, you can activate and deactivate pin-less service from your control panel. You can set speed dials , see call history , payment history , change your pin and many other functionalities are available in the members area.

What Features Do I get in My calling cards ?

There are a lot of features that you get in your calling cards like no other calling cards have. Like : Pin-less Dialing Controlled by yourself Speed Dialing View Your Call History & Recharge History Change Pin at any time. Use the same account to enjoy different calling plans and prices. Adjust your calling rate and voice quality as per your need with the same account.

Current Specials!

Please note that we have canceled one of our access numbers, please login for more details!


Kantipurtel with an aim to provide best offers to the customers, we bring you various special offers. Please stay tuned for new offers.


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